Celebrating birds!

October was a busy month for celebrating internationally important days for birds. In the first week, we were celebrating the European Birdwatch Days by organizing birdwatching tours in the [...]

MES becomes Full Partner to BirdLife Interenational

Since September 2018, MES is the official Full Partner to BirdLife International for Macedonia. The official designation ceremony took place in Belgium on the BirdLife’s Global Partnership [...]

Leaflet for bike trails on Osogovo mountain

As part of the project “Supporting a sustainable future for people and nature in the Osogovo mountain”, as a result from the component for development of sustainable tourism in the [...]

Egyptian Vultures numbers still dropping in Macedonia

The intensive monitoring activities of the known Egyptian Vulture’s territories were restarted this year by the Macedonian Ecological society within the project “Egyptian Vulture new LIFE” [...]

Fighting illegal wildlife poisoning with the Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project

Working across five states in the Balkans, the Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project brings together governments, wildlife conservation groups,  hunting associations, farmers and scientists in an [...]

Macedonian Ecological Society opens local office in Resen

For the first time since the establishment in 1972, the Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) on 09 of July has officially expanded its line of work to the Prespa Region by opening its very first [...]