On 12 May (Sunday), the Macedonian Ecological Society together with the Biology Students’ Research Society celebrated the World Migratory Bird Day under the Egyptian Vulture New Life Project. Around 40 participants, mainly biology students and bird enthusiasts, had a unique opportunity to visit the land of the Egyptian vulture in the central part of North Macedonia, near the city of Veles. During this field trip, the participants visited an Egyptian vulture territory and were able to see the pair of this long distant migrant flying around the nest as well as incubating.





The field trip served both scientific and educational purposes as students and experts worked together in gathering data on all aspects of biodiversity.





The Egyptian vulture team from the Macedonian Ecological Society had a short presentation on the ecology, threats and distribution of the species in the country. Besides the Egyptian vulture, the students had the chance of seeing many other attractive migratory bird species such as: imperial eagles, black storks, honey buzzards, short-toed eagles, etc.

We hope that during this excursion we succeeded in raising awareness about the Egyptian vultures and maybe even gained people who will help us in our quest of protecting this magnificent bird.

(LIFE16 NAT/BG/000874)

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