The new season for the Young Ecologists Support Program „d-r Ljupčo Melovski“ is open. This program will finance small and intermediate projects with financial support from the Sigrid Rausing Foundation. The small projects are aimed at young and inexperienced ecologists while the intermediate ones provide support for research conducted by ecologists with some experience. Appropriate mentoring is critical for the winners of the small grants, but it is very important for the intermediate grant winners as well.

The deadline for submitting the applications was 20th February for the small grants and 15th March for the intermediate. All coordinators have to submit regular reports but coordinators of intermediate grants are also expected to publish their results in a scientific journal with an international editing board. All application will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

For more information on the grants that have been approved please follow the links below:









News from the program:

Intermediate Grants 2022

Before you are the approved intermediate grants of the Young Ecologists Program “d-r Ljupcho Melovski” for 2022. We hope that the projects in this category will contribute towards the development [...]

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