Open Call for Spatial Planning Expert

The Macedonian Ecological Society, as a part of the project “Enhancing the Connectivity of the Balkan Green Belt” is launching a Call for engagement of a Spatial Planning expert to be involved in [...]

Removal of Ohis lindane initiated

The metal construction and safety tent in which the digging of the lindane and its isomers will occur have been set up in the small landfill in OHIS 07.03.2020 Skopje – In the period [...]

Wildlife Crime Academy: Advanced Course equips participants to improve forensic and police investigation on poisoning incidents in the Balkans and beyond

In today’s conservation work, combating wildlife crime is essential to effectively protect and preserve certain species. The sad reality is that people behind serious wildlife crimes like [...]

It’s All in the Genes: Saving the Balkan Lynx

A joint multidisciplinary effort by scientists from Europe recently produced a scientific paper on the Balkan (Lynx lynx balcanicus Bureš, 1941) and the Caucasian (Lynx lynx dinniki, Satunin, [...]

Shar Mountain finally declared a National Park after 27 years!

MES and Friends of Shara greet the passing of the Law on the Proclamation of Shar Mountain as National Park The Macedonian Ecological Society and the Friends of Shara Platform greet the passing [...]

The Road to Establishing a National Park on Shar Mountain

Events and projects that the Macedonian Ecological Society and the platform “Friends of Shar” implemented in order to aid the proclamation of Shar Mountain National Park 2011-2021 2011 – 2013 [...]