The students from the primary school “Dame Gruev” in Erdzelija have a strong connection to nature and are well informed on agricultural practices around them which is why it is important to additionally educate them on the link with biodiversity. The dedicated teachers from this school invited us once again to a workshop which provides the link between agriculture, rural life and endangered species. This time we were focused on the Egyptian Vulture whose biggest threat to survival is non-selective secondary poisoning in rural areas. The students already know many birds and understand the marvel of migration so they easily grasped how important and difficult it is to conserve the only migratory vulture in the country. For better understanding on how threats such as poisoning but also electrocution, food scarcity and loss of habitats endanger the life of Egyptian Vultures we played the game “Egyptian Vulture Odyssey”. After playing the game the students were keen to learn more on how they can be part of efforts to save these amazing birds.

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