The small grants program “d-r Ljupčo Melovski” entails a public call for grants for young ecologists. Grantees are to conduct one-year projects with a strong research component aiming at achieving some or all of these goals:

  • Support and motivate young ecologists,
  • Raise public ecological awareness,
  • Promote ecological sciences,
  • Improvе environmental protection,
  • Research and conservation of nature and biodiversity.

So far, the Macedonian Ecological Society has managed to conduct the program three times. In 2009 and 2010, we lent support to 30 students and enthusiasts, many of whom are currently working in research and conservation in local organizations (MES included), universities and even abroad. This indicated that one of the main goals of this program was achieved, i.e. MES helped build direly needed national ecological capacities. This is a big step forward in achieving MES’ strategic goals, but also the country’s EU aspirations.

Having all this in mind, we were extremely pleased to be able to revive this program a decade later (2020) with financial help from the Sigrid Rausing Trust. It now carries the name of one of the most prominent late Macedonian ecologists “d-r Ljupčo Melovski”, a long-time president of MES and the initiator of this program in 2009.

Contact: Dragan Arsovski

Project News:

Establishing Methods for Determining and Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds in the Air of Skopje – Ivona Sofronievska

According to the European Environmental Agency (EEA) report, the effect of air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk in our country i.e. there are 120 deaths per 100.000 citizens as [...]


The abundance of freshwater habitats in the region of  DemirHisar results with the desire to make inquiries about nature and looking for answers to questions obtained through scientific research [...]

The distribution and conservation status of the relic fern Ophioglossum vulgatum on Kozhuf mountain – Ana Varelova

During this phase, phytocoenological relevés were made at the Asan Cheshma site, in order to determine the type of Ophioglossum vulgatum’s habitat. The identification of previously collected [...]

Еcosystem Research of Forest Mires in the Heart of Shar Mountain – Marija Trencheva

What kind of plant species live in high mountain mires? How do they breathe or feed when in wetlands there is a lot of water and very few oxygen? Are some plant species alive thanks to the [...]

Diversity and distribution of saproxylic coleopteran fauna on Jablanica Mountain and the river banks of Crn Drim and Radika II – Srna Majstorovic

Every single one of our fieldwork activities is awaited with great eagerness to go out in the field in search of our favorite insects. The saproxylic beetles were rather active this time around, [...]

Determination of habitats according to the habitats directive in Markovi Kuli and assessment of conservation status- Sara Cvetanoska

From the beginning of May, the realization of the project “Determination of habitats according to the directive of habitats in the MN” Markovi Kuli “and assessment of the [...]

Valorization of water and wet habitats on Mountain Kozuf using diatoms – Anastasija Videska

With the field work coming to a timely end, we become more infatuated with the beauties Mount Kozuf has to offer. Holding great еnthusiasm and ambition towards scientific exploration, we decided [...]

Diversity and distribution of beetles on Shar Mountain II – Aleksej Anovski

During July, August and September our team had more than 15 field activities. It was especially important that we managed to visit Crno Ezero and Rudoka. We collected new materials on the species [...]

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