A kick-off meeting for the fifth phase of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme took place in Pejа, Kosovo in the beginning of October this year. The meeting was attended by the partners from MES, PPNEA, KORA, EuroNatur and was hosted by the NGO ERA Group from Kosovo. The partners discussed the achievements accomplished in the last three months since phase onset and the activities that need more attention to be carried out on time. The fifth phase represents a continuation of the fourth phase where many activates commenced and are being implemented. In this stage, MES will continue working on the education of schoolchildren in primary schools in the Mavrovo region and its surroundings, and also continue the work with the pilot hunting grounds from the western part of the country. The remaining strategies are focusing on research and monitoring of the Balkan lynx population, proclamation of Suvi Dol as a protected area, implementation of the Conservation Action Plan in Mavrovo National Park and working towards the improvement of the policy regarding the hunting and nature protection in Macedonia. During the visit, an excursion was organised to Rugova Gorge, Prokleitije Mts, where the team was introduced to the field activities of the colleagues from ERA.

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