New male lynx collared in Mavrovo National Park

Another lynx got a GPS collar in Mavrovo National Park to track its movement. On 27 February, together with Park staff, we managed to collar this individual and now we are successfully tracking [...]

The largest Balkan lynx captured in Mavrovo National Park

This weekend marked the capture of another Balkan lynx individual, near the village Sence, Mavrovo National Park, sixth in a row ever since the research inception in 2010 using radio-telemetry [...]

Lynx education week

MES initiated its educational caravan in Western Macedonia as part of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme. The educational caravan visited the villages of Vejce and Shipkovica, on Shar Mountain, [...]

Initial BLRP 4 partner meeting

Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme representatives held their initial partner meeting on from 4-11 March in Prizren, Kosovo. The meeting was attended by all partner organisations from the region [...]

GIS training of BLRP partner organisations

An intensive training course for the project partners within the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme on basics of geographical information systems and cartography took place from 14-16 December 2016. [...]

How to turn your mobile phone into a GPS navigation device?

Recognising the value of previous workshops and the importance of a monitoring network, the MES team involved in the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme organised another training with network [...]

Meeting with the members of the Balkan lynx monitoring network

The Balkan lynx team on 10 June organised their regular annual meeting with members of the monitoring network, which is also the last one in the third phase of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme [...]

Training on Large Carnivore Monitoring in Greece

A two-day workshop on large carnivore monitoring took place in Prespa, Greece, on 2 and 3 February 2006. The workshop was organised by the MES team engaged in lynx study and protection, together [...]