Another lynx got a GPS collar in Mavrovo National Park to track its movement. On 27 February, together with Park staff, we managed to collar this individual and now we are successfully tracking its movement. The lynx is a two-year old male weighing 19 kilograms.

–              After the Park’s employees called us about a chamois kill, we returned at the site and placed a foot snare. The lynx returned at the feeding site six hours later, whereas the whole procedure to take blood and measures lasted for about an hour, after which the lynx was released. On this occasion we had assistance from Miha Krofel, a lynx expert from Slovenia – stated Dime Melovski, managing MES Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme.

It will be interesting to find out whether this lynx has not established its own territory yet. Such case will be helpful to determine which paths and corridors are used by lynx when establishing their home range. Hence, following the lynx’s whereabouts in the next few months will be of crucial importance.

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