Duration: 2018-2022

Financed by: Life Program of the European Union

Co-funded by: Vulture Conservation Foundation , MAVA Foundation, EuroNatur,  as well as The Whitley Fund, and the The Fund for Environment and Energy Efficiency .

Project Coordinator: Vulture Conservation Foundation

Partners: MES, Albanian Ornithological Association, BIOM, Birds Protection and Study Society of Serbia, The Wild Flora and Fauna Fund,  The Greek Ornithological Society, Nase Ptice and PPNEA

Goal of the project: To raise awareness and strengthen national capacities for fight against wildlife poisoning on the Balkans.

Contact: Arta Starova, starova@mes.org.mk

Project news

MES participates in the third “Supreme Level” training organized by the Wildlife Crime Academy in Malaga, Spain

A total of five participants from various relevant government institutions and organizations from the country took part in the third training organized by the Wildlife Crime Academy, which took [...]

Improving national capacities against wildlife crime: Second cohort participates in Wildlife Crime Academy Level 2 Course

This past month, the second cohort from North Macedonia participated alongside other professionals from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the Wildlife Crime Academy. The Level 2 [...]

1 Year After First In-person Meeting, the BalkanDetox LIFE Project Team Meet Again for 4th Partnership Meeting in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

Last week, the 4th partnership meeting of the BalkanDetox LIFE project was held in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia from the 4th -6th of April. The main aims of the meeting were to discuss the technical, [...]

Wildlife Crime Academy: Advanced Course equips participants to improve forensic and police investigation on poisoning incidents in the Balkans and beyond

In today’s conservation work, combating wildlife crime is essential to effectively protect and preserve certain species. The sad reality is that people behind serious wildlife crimes like [...]

Educational workshops on vultures and poison as their biggest threat

Within the scope of the BalkanDetox LIFE project, this summer we organized educational workshops in Vitolishte and Gorna Boshava which focused on the remaining vulture population in the country [...]

Wildlife Crime Academy

In Andalusia, Spain, they even use helicopters to investigate suspicious bird mortality. An action that might seem unreal for other countries, but it’s actually just a tool and not the most [...]

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