Time frame: 2006–2018

Funding: MAVA Foundation, Switzerland

Partners: PPNEA – Albania; CZIP – Montenegro; ERA – Kosovo; FINCH – Kosovo; EuroNatur – Germany; KORA – Switzerland

Programme goal: For more than ten years now, the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme has worked on the protection of the critically endangered Balkan lynx. Activities primarily focus on: lobbying for the declaration of new protected areas, involving locals in the protection, research, education and monitoring activities on Balkan lynx in the Southwest Balkans.

Phase 4: 2016-2018

As of 1 August 2016, the programme entered its fourth implementation phase. Unlike the previous three phases, the new project activities were designed using Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

Phase 4 activities: Activities focus on six different strategies: declaration of new protected areas, efficiency of already established protected areas, legislation pertinent to the lynx, education of the locals, research and monitoring, sustainable hunt and fight against poaching.

Contact persons: Dime Melovski melovskid@mes.org.mk, Aleksandar Stojanov stojanov@mes.org.mk, Gjorgje Ivanov ivanov@mes.org.mk

Project News

Newsletter (September, 2022) – An Era Ends, A New One is About to Begin

The Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme Newsletter is a publication which promotes the most important news and achievements of all partners involved in the Programme. This issue covers news [...]

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