The youth of the Municipality of Cheshinovo-Obleshovo celebrated Stork Day on 6 May with educational games on stork migration and art workshops. Furthermore, the Municipality has decided to continue celebrating Stork Day in the future by organising annual celebrations within the municipality.

So far, MES has organised educational activities throughout the schools in the municipality and hence has encouraged children to explore the life of the stork, which stands as a symbol of their area. As a result, the children from these schools were also the first to participate in the stork-related celebrations.

The activities to be implemented by MES and the Municipality of Cheshinovo-Obleshevo until the end of the school year will provide initial information about the number and density of stork nests as well as their feeding and nesting grounds. In the course of the field research, MES is planning to collect folk traditions and songs inspired by the stork.

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