In mid-September, MES in cooperation with the Bicycle club Milton Manaki and Bicycling-mountaineering club PrepsaBike organized a join event on birdwatching during a cycling tour around the Prespa Lake. The event was aiming at introducing the birds of Prespa Lake to a different demographic group, all the while marking the European Birdwatch Day for 2019 and to promote MES’s local office. Via dseveral observation points on Pretor, Gorno Perovo, Sirhan and Stenje the participants were instructed to the proper use of binoculars and spotting scope for the purpose of birdwatching, they learned about the birds occurring around Prespa Lake throughout the year and discovered why the reedbed in Nature Park Ezerani is important for birds and everyone and everything else.

We stopped at MES’s local office, and the participants had the opportunity to learn about the conservation and promotion activities for the Prespa biodiversity and MES’s efforts in its protection. With interesting facts about birds, new birdwatching skills and few gifts from MES, the participants were asking for the next such event.

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