The 2017 World Migratory Bird day in Macedonia was celebrated under the motto “Skopje Loves Birds” on the 14 May. The event started at 12 p.m. in the Skopje City Park. Together with the citizens from Skopje we celebrated the arrival of migratory birds and hoped for a successful nesting season. Through quizzes, games, creative assignments and birdwatching, we were reminded that the birds were a crucial part of the city.

Migratory birds and people share the same planet, which also includes the same limited resources. That is why this year’s theme was “The future is our future – A healthy planet for migratory birds and people”. Sustainable management of the natural resources is needed, every tree and body of water is important – Skopje needs nature!

Migratory birds are indicators of a healthy planet and functional ecosystems, since their migration bridges continents. The biggest threats that are faced by these migratory birds – water resources drying out, environmental degradation and unsustainable hunting – are also threats for us as they reduce the benefits provided by the connected ecosystems.

Migratory birds are able to travel 14,000 kilometres across the globe for the purpose of nesting. The disappearance of their resting habitats is among the biggest reasons for the abrupt decrease in population. Since the year 2000, the decrease can measure as much as 80% in some cases.

World Migratory Bird Day is a campaign that celebrates migratory birds and calls attention for better conservation efforts. Every year the Macedonian Ecological Society organises events to remind the public of the threats that migratory birds face and what our role is in protecting them.

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