The Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) is a civil society organization actively working in the areas of ecology and environmental protection. MES achieves its goals and tasks through the implementation and participation in projects, as well as by organizing professional and scientific gatherings.

Besides its focus on scientific research MES is actively strengthening its capacities by training its members and empowering young scientists. MES encourages the training, formal education, masters and even doctoral studies of young ecologists, biologists, agronomists, foresters, technologists and other nature enthusiasts thus creating new capacities for future challenges in the field of ecology, environmental protection and nature conservation.

MES publishes scientific and popular materials in the field of ecology and environmental protection. MES also cooperates with many other organization and is a member of local and international societies and associations.

The Macedonian Ecological Society organizes international gatherings and conferences on a variety of topics and in cooperation with recognized international organizations and foundations.

The last Statute of MES was adopted in 2021 and you can find it at the following link.


The mission of MES is to protect nature and the environment through improved knowledge and public involvement.


The people of Macedonia appreciate and cherish nature, protect the environment and strive for economic development that rests on the principles of sustainability.


  • Promoting the science of Ecology
  • Protection and conservation of nature and the environment
  • Broadening ecological knowledge and improving ecological education
  • Promoting the principle of sustainable development

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