The Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) and the German foundation EuroNatur announce the Call for project proposals related to local sustainable development in the area of Ilinska-Plakenska Mountain. Project grants amount from EUR 2,000 to 3,000 per project. Eligible entities for submission of project proposal are the following: municipalities of Demir Hisar, Drugovo, Debarca and Ohrid, their local communities and organisations, as well as all citizens, legal entities and natural persons seated/residing in the abovementioned municipalities. The deadline to submit project proposal is 30 December 2011.

The call is conducted as part of the Small Grants Programme organised within the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme II. the Project is implemented by MES in cooperation with EuroNatur, and it is financially supported by Switzerland’s MAVA Foundatuion.

Application criteria

Before applying for small grants, please read carefully the criteria provided below in order to ensure whether your project is eligible. For any questions regarding the abovementioned or for more detailed information, please contact the Macedonian Ecological Society (see contact below).

Amount of the small grants.

  • Project small grants amount from EUR 2,000 to 3,000 per project, in denar countervalue.

Who can apply?

Eligible entities for submission of project proposals are the following:

  • Municipalities of Demir Hisar, Drugovo, Debarca and Ohrid, and their local communities and organisations;
  • Citizens’ associations seated in the municipalities of Demir Hisar, Drugovo, Debarca and Ohrid;
  • Legal entities and natural persons seated/residing in the municipalities of Demir Hisar, Drugovo, Debarca and Ohrid;
  • Partnerships formed by two or more of the abovementioned entities.

A single organisation may apply with several projects. Project proposal co-financing by other sources is possible and encouraged.

Proposals should be focused on the following topics:

  • ТА1:  Rising public awareness and education about the environment and the nature (for the locals and/or tourists);
  • ТА2:  Promotion of the natural values of Ilinska-Plakenska Mountain (for the locals and/or tourists);
  • TA3:  Management of natural resources and protection of biodiversity.

Critical application components:

  • The application will not be taken into consideration unless the APPLICATION FORM is completely filled out, together with the tree recommendations, and the activities undertaken;
  • It is advisable that projects carry general benefit for the population;
  • Funds can be used primarily in the field;
  • The impact must be practical, measurable and sustainable;
  • Projects, in general, should have a lifespan of six months.

 Which projects will not be funded?

  • Projects of no interest to the protection of natural values in the region;
  • Infrastructural projects;
  • A conference or seminar as project’s sole activity.

Application instructions

Project concept application is done using the Application Form and following the terms and conditions therein. the Application Form can be downloaded from here or sought directly from MES Office (see contact below). Only the official form must be used and applicants must fill out all required information. Documents required for submission are as follows:

–          Signed follow-up letter;

–          Filled-out form;

–          Project Manager’s CV;

–          Detailed budget of the project;

–          Certificate of secured project co-financing, if the project foresees it;

–          Signed document for mutual cooperation if more than one entity submit the form.

Proposed projects should be concluded no later than 30 September 2012. It is recommended that the project’s lifespan be six months, although each project is considered and evaluated individually, and thereby its lifespan is flexible.


The deadline to submit project proposals is 30 December 2011. Prepared project concepts should be submitted to the Macedonian Ecological Society at the following address:

Macedonian Ecological Society

Bul. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu no. 28/3-7

1000 Skopje

Applications will be reviewed and decisions will be made in a period of 20 days upon call conclusion. There will be no interviews.

The donor reserves their right to not allot all foreseen funds if the projects proposed do not fit the goals of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme II.

More detailed information about the small grants / application criteria / legal entities and natural persons, and others can be obtained through the contact person:

Aleksandar Stojanov from MES, on tel. 02/2402-773 or e-mail:

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