As a part of the component for raising public awareness within the project “Removal of Technical and Economic Barriers to Initiating the Clean-up Activities for Alpha-HCH,   Beta-HCH and Lindane Contaminated Sites at OHIS”, the Macedonian Ecological Society (MES), in coordination with the POPs office at the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, organized an informative event with journalists and stakeholders on April 15th. It was a hybrid event and took place at the MES office and on the platform zoom.

At the event Suzana Andonova, the national coordinator of the project from the POPs office of MOEPP, presented the project goals, main activities, and results achieved thus far.

George Tsaimos, technical manager of the company POLYECO which is in charge of the cleaning of the landfill, shared that one of the basins of the small landfill contains 650 tons of waste, of which 450 is lindane, while the rest is soil contaminated with lindane and other chemical substances. About 350 tons have been excavated and packed thus far.

POLYECO and a representative of TAUW (a company in charge of the supervision of the whole process) shared that the personal protective equipment of the workers is according to the highest prescribed protection standards, and that the activities are carried out according to appropriate regulations and procedures. In parallel with these activities, the performance is being monitored both within the tent and in areas near the landfill within the factory OHIS, and there is also air-monitoring that tracks the presence of certain chemicals and substances.

This event is part of the activities planned within the project that the Macedonian Ecological Society is obliged to realize and is part of the aim to raise public awareness regarding the whole process, until the end of the clearing of the first excavation of the small landfill, with which the financial support of the project by UNIDO will come to an end.

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