Wildlife Crime Academy: Advanced Course equips participants to improve forensic and police investigation on poisoning incidents in the Balkans and beyond

In today’s conservation work, combating wildlife crime is essential to effectively protect and preserve certain species. The sad reality is that people behind serious wildlife crimes like [...]

It’s All in the Genes: Saving the Balkan Lynx

A joint multidisciplinary effort by scientists from Europe recently produced a scientific paper on the Balkan (Lynx lynx balcanicus Bureš, 1941) and the Caucasian (Lynx lynx dinniki, Satunin, [...]

18 griffon vultures on the brink of being poisoned in Mariovo saved

Last week, MES received a call concerning a massive poisoning of dogs in the village Vitolishte, located in the region Mariovo. With the possibility that the poison was still present and [...]