The 2nd Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia with International Participation was held in Ohrid in the period 25–29 October 2003.

Participants presented results and scientific achievements within nine ecological sections, as follows:

  1. Terrestrial ecosystems;
  2. Aquatic ecosystems;
  3. Conservation of biodiversity and geodiversity;
  4. Agroecology;
  5. Ecology of populations and biocenology;
  6. Ecological monitoring;
  7. Pollution and protection of the environment;
  8. Ecological education; and
  9. Public participation and NGOs.

The presented papers (a total of 101 papers) and plenary lectures were printed in the Proceedings of the 2nd Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia with International Participation, organised into six summary sections:

  1. Terrestrial ecosystems: ecology, ecophysiology and biocenology;
  2. Aquatic ecosystems and hydrobiology;
  3. Biodiversity: research and protection, geodiversity;
  4. Agroecology;
  5. Environmental protection and monitoring; and
  6. Ecological education.

Scientists both from Macedonia and the neighbouring countries, like Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Romania, showed interest and took part. Papers presented during the Congress hint to the obvious attention and interest of scientists in studying terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, especially in the field of biodiversity and geodiversity conservation.

Despite the efforts made by MES to encourage and inspire ecological NGOs from Macedonia and the region to partake in such congress, no application and participation took place for the section relevant to their work NGOs and the involvement of the public.

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