The SHAPE project “Local Action for Better Environmental Policies” enabled us to reach out to young people and help them become future leaders in environmental protection.

The educational and promotional materials we made in cooperation with the Institute for Communication Studies, with the financial support of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), serve to raise public awareness of the need for environmental activism, with a special focus on youth.

As part of the project, we supported non-governmental organizations from six regions in Macedonia that in cooperation with high schools conducted their own projects to solve certain local environmental problems. The documentary “Youth for Nature” follows this process and shows how young people are activated, organized and find creative ways to approach environmental problems that affect us all.

We also created short animations that are educational and cover topics of environmental protection. These topics are current in our country and are broadly related to the topics of grantee projects and have proven to be important to young people. The first video shows how agricultural practices affect the entire ecosystem and how many benefits we can have when working with nature. The second video highlights the problem we still have with waste management. The third video shows the biodiversity of Prespa and the need to protect the entire ecosystem.

The Eco-cards contain messages about the environment. In them we cover basic topics related to the environment such as ecology and global warming, but there is also data on Macedonia, as facts about the biodiversity in Macedonia or the state of waste management. We hope that these educational materials will serve as a resource in further education of young people. You can download them with this link.

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