The Mountaineering Club “Bigla – Ilinica” organized their final activity as a part of their microgrant “Falling in Love with Birds” financed by the project “Capacity Building For Flyway Conservation in the Mediterranean”.

The two-day activity consisted of workshops with participants from their own club (the youngest members of the mountain hiking club) – in and outside the classroom – by identifying bird species and learning about their migration.

By visiting the Belche wetlands, participants had a chance to learn how to use binoculars and develop their birdwatching skills – by identifying differences in physical form, sound, colour, habitat and particular behaviour.

Following afterwards was learning the taxonomic differences of the species through memory and association-based games. Additionally, with the goal to understand bird migration, participants played a game called “Bird Migration and its Challenges”.

Finally, there was great interest expressed by almost all participants in having similar events organised within the future, which would include different taxonomic groups.

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