The Macedonian Ecological Society, together with the Macedonian Limnological Society, organised the 4th Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia with International Participation, aiming at discerning the ecological accomplishments in Macedonia and the other countries in the region, as well as exchanging experiences and knowledge, according to the working conditions of the scientists and experts of the region, as well as the public interest for a better, cleaner and healthier environment.

The Congress presented the knowledge of the modern basic ecology and environmental science accumulated recently. The papers at the Congress were therefore presented through different thematic sessions. Each session started by presenting case studies chosen by the Scientific Committee among the proposed papers. Moreover, achievements in modern ecology were presented on the plenary sessions prepared by eminent ecologists from Macedonia and other countries.

The Congress had more than 300 scientific workers and guests from the country and from abroad (Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo), presenting their papers in the field of ecology and environmental protection. Altogether, 183 abstracts were presented, 82 of which were oral presentations and 73 posters, with three plenary sessions being held:

  1. Afforestation during climate change, research and adaptation measures, by Prof. Ivan Raev, PhD, Bulgaria;
  2. Diversity of calcareous grasslands in the central and southern parts of the Balkan Peninsula, by Academician Vlado Matevski, PhD, Macedonia; and
  3. A century of diatomaceous research in Ohrid and Prespa Lakes, by Prof. Zlatko Levkov, PhD, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Skopje, Macedonia.

A Symposium of the Biology Students’ Research Society was also held within the Congress, as well as an exhibition and competition for child drawings, photos, collection materials, promotional material on the topic “Forests – Guardians of Nature”, by Macedonian pupils. A presentation was also organised by the ecological section “Univerzum” from the Dimitar Vlahov High School in Strumica.

Moreover, two documentary films were projected: “In the Heart of the Balkans – In Search of the Lynx” and “In the Heart of the Balkans – The Pelicans of the Prespa Park.”

An important part of the Congress was the Adriatic Flyway Workshop supported by the German organization EuroNatur, attended by ornithologists from Macedonia, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Kosovo.


Given below are the announcements about the 4th Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia with International Participation:

First Announcement/Прво соопштение

Second Announcement/Второ соопштение

Third Announcement/Трето соопштение

A total of 33 from the 155 papers presented at the Congress were published in the Proceeding of the 4th Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia with International Participation. The Proceedings was issued in December 2013.

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