Proper planning of space and land use is essential for the maintenance and development of Green Infrastructure (GI) and all its benefits. In order to promote the concept of GI and to see how it is incorporated and implemented in our national and in EU legislation, we held the first training for GI with key stakeholders connected to spatial planning and nature protection. The participants in this training were representatives from the Ministry of Environment –  Department of Spatial Planning and department of Nature Conservation, PE National Roads, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, as well as consulting companies and NGOs that work in the field of environment protection and spatial planning (Farmahem, Maneko, and Ursus Telea).

The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of Green Infrastructure, the analyses of the legislation related to spatial planning and GI here and in the EU, to see good practices of spatial planning, and to discuss the potential for improving the state of GI in our country.




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