The projects for sustainable beekeeping and livestock farming on the Shar Mountain, which are implemented by the organizations Center for Education and Development (CED) and Wild Iris and are supported by the project “Sustainable future for the Shar-Korab-Koritnik region”, have donated equipment for the modernization of beekeepers and livestock farmers before the New Year from the region.

A total of 14 beekeepers and livestock farmers received equipment. The beekeepers were supported with centrifuges and a honey extractor, while 8 farmers were supported with inox pots, gas boilers and generators.

Within the scope of both projects, the installation of solar panels and an electric fence to protect against wild animals is planned, but this equipment will be installed in the spring of 2023 on high-mountain shepherding huts.

According to Metin Muaremi from CED, the equipment, although symbolic, is still very significant for the herders who maintain these traditional practices in the region. For Biljana Filipovska, the cooperation with the beekeepers of Shar Mountain should be nurtured even after the completion of such projects.

The “Sustainable future for the Shara-Korab-Koritnik region” project, apart from agricultural projects, also supports tourism and cultivation projects. A total of 14 model projects are supported in North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania

The Macedonian Ecological Society is implementing this project in partnership with EuroNatur (Germany) and local partners CNVP (Kosovo) and PPNEA (Albania). The activities of the project are supported by the German Environmental Foundation DBU and the charitable foundation JENSEN.



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