During July, August and September our team had more than 15 field activities. It was especially important that we managed to visit Crno Ezero and Rudoka. We collected new materials on the species Lathrobium sp. (at Rudoka) and that will probably be a new species for science. We also collected materials at Leshnica twice because there are indication that our team may have discovered two new species for science (Pygoxyon sp. and Dicentrius sp.)

Crzo Ezero

Crno Ezero – Rudoka









Our biggest challenge was the intensive field work at Leshnica, Karanikola, Sakaklica and Crno Ezero. In just 5 days we passed 70km and researched 5 different habitats (limestone, riparian rocks, silica rocks, beech forests and spruce forests). We regularly monitored the composition (through sifting the forest undergrowth), the dynamic and the structure of the beetles. We expect exciting results from the field research as well as the laboratory work. It is very likely that Shara is the home to a lot more endemic species of beetles and our work has already proven that.







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