During the weekend of 07-08 April 2012, starting at 12 p.m., the campaign for Spring Alive will be presented in the Skopje Zoo.

The Spring Alive campaign will be implemented for the third time in Macedonia by the Macedonian Ecological Society. This campaign is sponsored by the Mitsubishi Corporate Fund for Europe and Africa (more information can be found at http://www.springalive.net/. Since last year, the website offers a Macedonian translation and its contents are constantly updated.  Within the website you are able to report first sightings of migratory birds. The website also offers a big database of information for young ornithologists. Birds surveyed in the campaign include white stork, barn swallow, common swift, common cuckoo and European bee-eater.

Join us! Let us know if you have sighted a migratory bird, learn more about them, draw and join the fun. Small spring gifts will be awarded to all the participants, and find out how to get bigger ones too.

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