Balkan Lynx – News from the Field

It is always thrilling to receive a call from Mavrovo’s inhabitants about lynx sighting, and even more so when they send pictures of a radio-collared individual. “These days we received wonderful [...]

Osogovo Mountains are now a Protected Landscape

Part of Osogovo Mountain is proclaimed for protected area (category V protected area) with the decision by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia from 17.11.2020. Osogovo Mountain as [...]

Balkan Detox Life

Diversity and distribution of saproxylic coleopteran fauna on Jablanica Mountain and the river banks of Crn Drim and Radika II – Srna Majstorovic

Every single one of our fieldwork activities is awaited with great eagerness to go out in the field in search of our favorite insects. The saproxylic beetles were rather active this time around, [...]