Development of National Ecological Network in the Republic of Macedonia (MAK-NEN)

Time frame: 2008 – 2011

Financial supporters: Ministry for agriculture, nature and food quality from Holland, BBI fund

Partners: European center for nature conservation (ECNC) from Holland and the Ministry for environment and physical planning from the RM

The main aim of the project was development of a national ecological network in Macedonia (MAK-NEN) as part of the Pan-European ecological network (PEEN) through:

1. Identification and mapping the ecological corridors and regions for revitalization which will connect the already existing key regions and protected areas with a national importance, which will provide ecological connection;
2. Promotion of the ecological network and PEEN by developing a management plan for the ecological corridors for large beasts, focusing on the brown bear (Ursus arctos), including the stakeholders (ministries, scientific institutions, land owners, forestry department, management of national parks and other protected areas, municipalities, local population etc.);
3. Raising public awareness referring to the newly developed ecological network MAK-NEN of all the stakeholders with the help of a national campaign.

We expect that the results of the MAK-NEN project will increase the awareness for the concept of ecological networks in Macedonia, they will contribute to the achieving of the national aims included in the Physical Plan of the Republic of Macedonia and the National Strategy for biodiversity with an Action plan and the second National ecological action plan, that is, to the efforts made by the country for preventing the loss of biodiversity. In addition, this project is of great importance in the RM preparation process for EU membership, in the part for establishment of an ecological network Natura 2000.

As a result of the project a map of the National Ecological Network was proposed.

Third Workshop for Ecological Networks

Three Sector Trainings for the National Ecological Network