• prespa-park-small

    (Macedonian) Преспанско Езеро

    (Macedonian) Преспанско Езеро
  • ris-vo-NP-Mavrovo

    (Macedonian) рис во НП Маврово

    (Macedonian) Рис во НП Маврово
  • Pelister 1

    (Macedonian) Обука на Пелистер

    Training in Pelister

Spring Alive – Resist the call of the cute

Alone, helpless, small, cold, clumsy and fluffy… We see a flightless chick on the ground in our garden and many of us go weak at the knees. How did it get here? Where are its parents? Is it orphaned? Has it fallen from a nest? Is it injured? It is cheeping, maybe it is calling […]

03/17/17 11:01 AM

“Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme 4” held its first partner meeting

Representatives from „Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme 4“ held their first meeting in Prizren, Kosovo on 11 of March. All regional partner organisations working on protection of the balkan lynx, participated at the meeting where they presented and discussed the working strategies within the project, as well as main achievements in the last period.

03/15/17 11:25 AM

14 February 2017: A historic day for transboundary Prespa

The environmental NGOs urge the three littoral countries and the European Union to quickly move ahead with the operation of the transboundary Prespa Park. Last Tuesday, 14th February 2017, was a historic day for Greece’s policy record in the field of nature conservation and sustainable development. The Parliament of the country ratified with an overwhelming […]

03/6/17 1:43 PM

Annual meeting for the Members of the Monitoring network for Wild animals on Osogovo

Main subjects for the Meeting were the Results of the monitoring which is being conducted on Osogovo Mts., as well as review of the draft version Strategy for Monitoring of wild animals on Osogovo. The strategy was accepted by the participants. The meeting showed that there is a good cooperation among the partners, which results […]

02/8/17 12:28 PM

Completed International Waterfowl Census 2017 in Macedonia!

The International Waterfowl Census (IWC) in Macedonia was conducted in two weekends. On the weekend of 14-15th of January, 27000 birds wer counted on Ohrid Lake and 9500 birds on Prespa Lake. Next weekend (January 21-22nd) a total of 6100 birds were counted on Dojran Lake and several hundred birds on adjacent wetlands and water […]

02/3/17 1:38 PM