• prespa-park-small

    (Macedonian) Преспанско Езеро

    (Macedonian) Преспанско Езеро
  • ris-vo-NP-Mavrovo

    (Macedonian) рис во НП Маврово

    (Macedonian) Рис во НП Маврово
  • Pelister 1

    (Macedonian) Обука на Пелистер

    Training in Pelister

Annual meeting for the Members of the Monitoring network for Wild animals on Osogovo

Main subjects for the Meeting were the Results of the monitoring which is being conducted on Osogovo Mts., as well as review of the draft version Strategy for Monitoring of wild animals on Osogovo. The strategy was accepted by the participants. The meeting showed that there is a good cooperation among the partners, which results […]

02/8/17 12:28 PM

Completed International Waterfowl Census 2017 in Macedonia!

The International Waterfowl Census (IWC) in Macedonia was conducted in two weekends. On the weekend of 14-15th of January, 27000 birds wer counted on Ohrid Lake and 9500 birds on Prespa Lake. Next weekend (January 21-22nd) a total of 6100 birds were counted on Dojran Lake and several hundred birds on adjacent wetlands and water […]

02/3/17 1:38 PM

GIS training for BLRP Partner Organizations

In the frame of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme, an intensive GIS training course for the project partners has taken place from 14-16 December 2016. The training took place in the office of PPNEA in Tirana. Three participants from PPNEA (Albania) and two participants from ERA (Kosovo) were instructed in the basics of GIS and […]

01/10/17 1:49 PM

Sensitivity mapping training in Macedonia – what is it all about?

Energy infrastructure in Macedonia and all energy-related strategic documents have never incorporated wildlife (and namely birds) in developing a bird-friendly energy infrastructure. The Sensitivity mapping Training has that purpose – to gather all relevant stakeholders from both the energy sector and the bird conservation organizations in Macedonia and review existing data on both birds populations […]

12/16/16 2:30 PM

Wildlife on Osogovo Mountains

Dear colleagues and supporters, Macedonian ecological society informs you that a Facebook page called “Wildlife on Osogovo Mountains” is created. The page is a activity part of the project “Supporting sustainable future for People and Nature on Osogovo Mountains” and is created together with Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and Euronatur. The purpose of the page is […]

11/22/16 12:40 PM