The Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) is a citizens association active in the field of ecology and environmental protection. MES accomplishes its goals and activities through project implementation and organisation of scientific and expert gatherings.

In addition to the scientific and research activities, MES also works on capacity enhancement by providing training to its membership and developing young scientific profiles. With the involvement of young ecologists, biologists, agronomists, foresters, engineers and other enthusiasts into activities pertaining to scientific research and skill improvement through various training, and master and doctoral studies, both home and abroad, MES fosters the development of young profiles apt to face challenges in the fields of ecology and environmental and nature protection.

MES issues scientific and popular science publications related to ecology and environmental protection. It cooperates with other organisations, and it is a member of numerous domestic and international associations.

MES organises international meetings and conferences in the country concerning environmental protection in cooperation with eminent international organisations and foundations.


The mission of MES is to protect nature and the environment through improved knowledge and public involvement


The people of Macedonia appreciate and cherish nature, protect the environment and strive for economic development that rests on the principles of sustainability.


  • Promoting ecology as a science
  • Protecting and promoting environment and nature
  • Extending ecological knowledge and promoting ecological education
  • Promoting the sustainable development principle

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